Partners & Friends

We came across a couple of initiatives of like-minded people which we would like to introduce briefly. We are grateful for the received support and ongoing cooperation.

Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD)

UNPAD is an Indonesian university with more than 40,000 students located at Bandung, Java, Indonesia. Its Marine Science Department promotes education in the field of conservation and utilization of marine biological resources, carries out research and engages in community service activities aiming among others at reducing the spill of plastic waste into the ocean and sustainable tourism. Staff of the department will scientifically monitor our project in Raja Ampat, support us in awareness raising activities and disseminate our results to other Indonesian marine conservation areas.



Stream2Sea Stream2Sea was founded in Wauchula, Florida (USA), by Autumn Blum, an award-winning chemist who would not accept that cosmetics are full of ingredients toxic for marine life. The company offers non-toxic shampoo and other body and skin care products as well as mineral based sunscreen that does not harm our waters or our bodies. We are very happy that the company agreed to support our aim to bring biodegradable shampoo to Raja Ampat.


BandaSEA e.V. (non-profit association)

BandaSEA e.V. (non-profit association) Besides other projects the association achieved the set-up of a functioning garbage collection and recycling scheme on the Banda islands in the Southern Molukko province of Indonesia, effectively reducing the amount the plastic polluting the ocean. We are very impressed how much the association has already achieved there while being thankful for all the useful hints we received for our projects.


Mantahari (social enterprise)

Mantahari (social enterprise) A pun between the manta ray and “sun” in Indonesian language (mata hari), Mantahari is a social enterprise which sells clothes fabricated from recycled plastic waste to raise donations for the Marine Megafauna Foundation of Indonesia. Mantahari also allows you to adopt a manta ray.